Allan in his adolescence
Allan in his adolescence

Painting of the estate in Greksasar, Bergslagen. This is where Allan was born and spent his childhood.

Allan's Family
The whole Eriksson family with a very young Allan sitting in his mother's lap.

Allan's Dog
Allan with his dad's hound who was his comfort and best friend
after he lost his mother at the age of six.

The Siblings
Allan with his brothers and sisters. From the top left: Einar, Märta, Ellen, Ragnar, Gunnar and Allan

Work Buddies at Dragspelstjänst
Allan (rightmost) with his colleagues at the accordion
manufacturer "Dragspelstjänst" (Accordion Services).
Owner and founder Algot Bengtsson in the middle standing up.

Wedding Photo
Wedding photo of Allan and his wife Hedvig in 1938.
They stayed married for almost 50 years until Hedvig passed away in 1987.

The Quintet Playing at Vasa Real
Allan Eriksson's Quintet playing at one of many dances in the Vasa Real gymnasium in the 40s and 50s.
Gösta Bäckström is playing the piano.

Allan Eriksson's Quintet
Allan Eriksson's Quintet with piano player Nils Viklund

Allan Eriksson's Orchestra
Photo session with Allan Eriksson's Orchestra for the "Solskensfröjd" album in 1975.
From the left: Allan Eriksson, Göran Åberg, Ragnar Ohlsson, Ture Hedberg and
Gösta Bäckström sitting by the piano.

Eriksson Bros
Allan with his brothers, Einar (leftmost) and Ragnar (middle) in 1968

Allan & Son Photo Session
Posing at a photo session in 1969 with his son Lars.

Allan in the US
Allan on a visit to his brother in the United States in 1973

Allan travelling
Allan somewhere in the world. Travelling the world was a great interest of his.

Allan in East Berlin
Allan in East Berlin 1977

Autograph Collection
Allan used to carry with him a big sheet of paper collecting autographs from people he met.
Here you can find names like famous Swedish singer Alice Babs, actor Sigge Fürst,
actor John "Åsa-Nisse" Elfström and singer Lily Berglund.

Home District Festivities!
Home District Festivities in Greksåsar 1952

Stockholm Accordion Grand Prix
Poster for the 1939 Stockholm Accordion Grand Prix.
The Swedish comedian/actor Thor Modén hosted the show.

Allan in his Living Room
Allan in his living room late 1981

Stockholm Melody Club
Allan with the Stockholm Melody Club in the early 70s.
Stockholm Melody Club was a community of musicians led by
Swedish musician and composer Gunnar Molthon.

Allan with the Skansen Fiddlers
Eating cake with the Skansen Fiddlers after a radio show on June 22th 1988.