Here is a complete list of music written by Allan Eriksson:

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 Title  RecordingGenreYear
Aftonvind (Evening Breeze)Live in Solsäter 1965Waltz
Allmogesväng (Country People's Dance)Hambo
Bergslagsdansen (Dance of the Miners)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Waltz
Bergslagstösen (The Girl from Bergslagen)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Hambo
Blankaforsen (The Shiny River)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Hambo
Blondinen (The Blond)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Waltz
Brudpolska i sexmansgården (Reel Dancing for the Bride in the Small Farm)Album: Summertime in Bergslagen (1973)Reel1966
Brunetten (The Brunette)Album: The Old Chalet Cottage (1976)Schottische
Bubblan (The Bubble)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Polka1970
Camilla-Schottis (Schottische Camilla)Tape recordingSchottische
Dalskogsbäcken (Dalskog Brook)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Schottische1947
Dalskogsdansen (The Dalskog Dance)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Mazurka1955
Dans i Bergslagen (Dancing in Bergslagen)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Polka
Dans i Västgöthyttan (Dancing in the Västgöta Foundry)Tape recordingHambo1988
Dans på trottoaren (Curb Dancing)Live in Alvik 1971Schottische
Dans på Älvamossen (Dancing on the Moss of Fairies)Album: Dancing on the Moss of Fairies (1970)Waltz1944
Den blyga violen (The Timid Girl)Radio broadcast (1958)Waltz1958
Den gamla fäbodstugan (The Old Chalet Cottage)Album: The Old Chalet Cottage (1976)Hambo1952
Den vackraste blomman (The Most Beautiful Flower)Album: Summertime in Bergslagen (1973)Waltz
Eko från skogen (Echoes from the Forest)Waltz
En glad sjöman (A Happy Sailor)Album: Allan Eriksson in 78 rpmWaltz
En leende dröm (Dreaming with a Smile)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Waltz1950
En liten hemlighet (A Little Secret)Waltz
En sjömanspolkett (A Sailor's Polka)Album: Sunshine Delight (1975)Polka1955
En sväng med Näcken (Dancing with the Water Spirit)Radio broadcast (1958)Hambo
Flamman (The Flame)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Polka
Glada kamrater (Happy Friends)Waltz1947
Hår på bröstet (Hairy Chest)Album: Summertime in Bergslagen (1973)Polka
Hälltjärnsbäcken (Halltjarns' Creek)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Schottische
I drömmarnas famn (Embraced by Dreaming)Album: Allan Eriksson in 78 rpmFoxtrot
I Noraskog (In Nora Woods)Album: In Nora Woods (1966)Schottische
I solgläntan (In the Sunny Glade)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Hambo1950
Kristallbäcken (Crystal Brook)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Hambo/ Reel
Lillsvängen (The Little Sway)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Hambo1947
Linvävarpolska (The Flax Weaver's Reel)Album: The Old Chalet Cottage (1976)Hambo/ Reel1976
Luftkudden (Air Cushion)Schottische
Melodisnurran (The Melody Toy Top)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Polka
Minnen från Bergslagen (Memories of Bergslagen)Album: The Old Chalet Cottage (1976)Waltz1950
Många vackra minnen (Lots of Beautiful Memories)Live in Alvik 1971Tango1950
Norvallahambo (Norvalla Hambo)Hambo
Nya Stockholmsvalsen (The New Stockholm Waltz)Album: In Nora Woods (1966)Waltz
När Lyckan Ler (A Smile of Luck)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Waltz1949
Promenadschottis (Strolling Schottische)Schottische1988
På Sommarängen (Upon Summer Meadow)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Hambo1961
Seglarschottis (Sailor Schottische)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Schottische
Silverbäcken (The Silver Brook)Album: Dancing on the Moss of Fairies (1970)Schottische1944
Skansenidyll (An Idyll at Skansen)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Waltz1949
Slänggungan (The Swing)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Mazurka
Solskensblicken (Look of Sunshine)Tape recording 1990Waltz
Solskensfröjd (Sunshine Delight)Album: Sunshine Delight (1975)Waltz1937
Sommar i Bergslagen (Summertime in Bergslagen)Album: Summertime in Bergslagen (1973)Waltz1954
Sommarbruden (The Summer Bride)Live in Solsäter 1965Waltz
Spelforsen (Courtship Rapids)Album: Summertime in Bergslagen (1973)Waltz
Spelkulan (The Marble)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Mazurka
Spångkällan (The Foot-Bridge Well)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Hambo/ Reel1966
Stötdämparen (The Shock Absorber)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Polka
Svartälvsbanan (The Svartälv Rail Road)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Schottische
Svänghjulet (The Flywheel)Tape recordingPolka1988
Tack för sist (Thank You)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Waltz
Trollblomman (The Troll Flower)Album: Upon Summer Meadow (1981)Hambo1981
Tändstiftet (The Spark Plug)Polka
Ungdomslek (Adolescent Play)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Mazurka1979
Vals Marianne (Marianne's Waltz)Recorded in Örnsberg 1965Waltz1948
Vasaringens gånglåt (The Vasaringen March)Album: The Old Chalet Cottage (1976)
Vid Kvarnbäcken (By the Mill's Creek)Album: Sunshine Delight (1975)Hambo
Vilda västern (The Wild West)Album: An Idyll at Skansen (1982)Polka1951
Vänskapslycka (The Joy of Friendship)Radio Show with the Skansen Fiddlers 1988Waltz1988
Värmlandsminnen (Reminiscing Varmland)Album: Dancing on the Moss of Fairies (1970)Waltz
Älvorna vid bäcken (The Fairies by the Brook)Waltz
Övningshambo (Hambo Training)Tape recording 1990Hambo1990